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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Why do I need dryer vent cleaning?

San Antonio dryer vent cleaning is a pretty important deal when your dryer starts to take more than one cycle to completly dryer those towels and comforters.Annual dryer vent cleaning San Antonio is recommended for vertical and horizontal dryer vents because these dryer vent tend to build up lots of lint and debris inside the duct which can cause issues with the operation of the appliance.

The dryer is an appliance that basically heats up with the help of either gas or electric heat from the interior of the appliance.During this drying process the condensation and lint must be removed or exhaust from the interior of the dryer cabin to the outside of the home.This exhausting is done by the dryer vent duct which is usually neglected by homeowners. The reason why is because most homeowners have no idea that they must have their dryer vent cleaning annually and most never do it at all until either the dryer requires repair or water damage begins to show.

So before you replace your dryer have your dryer vent cleaning done by AAA Duct Cleaning, LLC Heating and Air Conditioning it just might save you time and money on a new appliance.

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Energy Efficiency

The maintenance task of dryer vent cleaning can help reduce your electric bill. When your dryer vent is clogged the dryer will not dry your clothes on the first cycle and may need subsequent cycles to completely dry laundry. These extra cycles will raise your electric bill, less cycles equals money back in the home owners pocket.

Faster Dry Times

The maintenance task of dryer vent cleaning can help improve dry times. When your dryer vent is blocked or clogged your dryer cannot exhaust the heat, lint and condensation resulting in prolonged dry times. So Regular dryer vent cleaning is recommended. Call AAA Duct Cleaning at 210-390-5075 San Antonio for all your dryer vent cleaning and repair needs.


Prolong Dryer Appliance Life

The maintenance task of dryer vent cleaning can help the longevity of your appliance. Since the the dryer operates by producing heat to dry laundry, and when the heat cannot be exhausted correctly a blockage is formed. This blocked dryer vent can cause the dryer to require repairs or appliance replacement due to damage resulting from a prolonged dryer vent blockage. To prevent costly maintenence repair costs regular dryer vent cleaning should be done by professional dryer vent cleaning company. AAA Duct Cleaning provides dryer vent cleaning services to the San Antonio Metro Area call and schedule your appointment today at 210-390-5075.



Dryer vent cleaning byAAA Duct Cleaning of San Antonio Texas offers same-day service which includes driving cleaning vent pressure check and transition duct inspection all and at affordable flat rate price of $89.99 called now at 21-390-5075.

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